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Sample all four of our solid perfumes : Homme, Gilded Woods, Vetiverr and Cashmere.

Our solid fragrances reference a few of the candles in our collection, with some variation due to a higher concentration of botanicals. Similar to our candles, they are all made in small batches with high quality ingredients, including moisturizing jojoba oil, organic coconut oil and beeswax. We scent the oil and wax base with essential oils, absolutes, resins and premium perfume oils.

Ingredient list :
Fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, fragrance (essential oils, absolutes, resins and premium grade perfume), beeswax, organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, candelilla wax.

Scent profiles :

HOMME is the intoxicating scent of a dapper man. Musk, grounded by wood notes from sandalwood, vetiver, cedar and dark aged patchouli, lifted by sweet notes from tonka bean and amber resin, finished off with a hint of leather and a touch of clove.
(This scent is popular with women too!)

GILDED WOODS is a rich blend of jammy balsam fir absolute, honeyed labdanum and warming amber resin, grounded by woody notes of vetiver and cedar, laced with subtle floral notes from jasmine sambac, french rose and sweet lavender absolute.

CASHMERE is a luxurious blend of tonka bean and sandalwood, balanced with grounding notes of vetiver, cedarwood, labdanum and dark aged patchouli, laced with a hint of rich lavender absolute.

VETIVERR is vetiver and rose. Musky and wood base notes from Hatian vetiver, Virginian cedarwood, helichrysum(immortelle), dark aged patchouli, a subtle hint of smokey earth from Indian vetiver, lifted by rich floral top notes of rose and jasmine.

Please limit one sample pack per customer.

Image of Solid fragrance, slider tin
Solid fragrance, slider tin
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