Match striker, glazed in Slate

  • Match striker, glazed in Slate
  • Match striker, glazed in Slate

Handmade ceramic match striker.

Hand thrown on a potter's wheel, in a dark speckled clay and glazed in Slate. The lower half of the jar has been trimmed with a textured ribbed pattern to provide a rough surface for better striking.

Due to the handmade nature of these jars, sizes will vary somewhat. Please send me a message if you need precise measurements.

Also, the clay color may vary slightly. The clay I use can vary in darkness and color, depending on where it was placed in the kiln. Since the clay part on our strikers is more exposed, it is more noticeable.

Approx size 2.25-2.5” tall x 2.25-2.5” wide
*Intended to fit larger 2.25" long matches.

Sold individually.


These match strikers are intended for use with "strike anywhere" matches. The bottom half of the jar has been left unglazed to provide a rough surface for striking your match. Safety matches will not work. These type of matches will not ignite when striking on ceramic since clay does not contain the combustible materials needed to ignite a match. Also, please be aware, just like when you strike a match on the box, it will leave a mark. If you are very particular with leaving marks on your match striker, another option would be to strike the match on the underside or simply use the box the matches came in.

For best results use the larger 2.25" long matches and keep the unglazed part of the jar dry and grease free.

Paulova ceramics are entirely handmade. Slight variations in glaze, size and surface texture are to be expected. If you are very particular about exact size, color, or perfection, feel free to contact me before placing an order.

All sales for match strikers are final.