NEW : Espresso cup


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  • Image of NEW : Espresso cup
  • Image of NEW : Espresso cup
  • Image of NEW : Espresso cup

Handmade ceramic cup.

These little cups are a great size for an espresso or macchiato, but can also be used for sake, an aperitif or digestif. They also make great little tasting cups.

Hand thrown on a potter's wheel, in a reddish brown clay, and available in a variety of matte glaze colors.

Please note: These new espresso cups are more accurately sized to fit a standard espresso drink. So they may be a little smaller than our previous sized espresso cups.

Each cup measures approximately 2.5” wide x 2.25-2.5" tall.

Holds approx 2-3 fl. oz.

Volume is measured to the rim.

Choose from the following colors:
1. Turmeric
2. Forest
3. Seafoam
4. Cobalt
5. Flamingo
6. Periwinkle
7. Sand
8. Cream

Sold individually.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, but we always recommend hand washing to preserve the longevity of your wares.


Paulova ceramics are entirely handmade. Slight variations in glaze, speckling, size and surface texture are to be expected. We don't consider glaze drips or similar irregularities as imperfections, as they are all signs of the handmade process, which we particularly love. Also, matte glazes are more prone to variations, including pinholing and small divots on the surface. We try our best to minimize these by using a very specific firing schedule, however, each firing atmosphere can vary and we don't always know what we will get when we open that kiln lid. We do list some pieces as seconds when the pinholes and divots are in excess or if there is any warping or blistering. But if you are very particular about exact size, color, or perfection, handmade ceramics may not be for you. We do, however, hope you give us a try! You may find you love the uniqueness of handmade, as apposed to a mass produced product :)

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NEW : Cortado cup
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