Paulova is a small scale family business of thoughtfully crafted products, handmade in Portland, Oregon. Our current line includes ceramics, candles and perfumes. We strive to locally source as many of our materials as possible, from the botanicals in our fragrance products, to the clay for our ceramics.

Inspired by the functional and simple beauty of Scandinavian design, Paulova ceramics are timeless pieces for the home. Each vessel is hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel, making every piece unique. Our glazes are hand blended and all of our clay is locally sourced. We use stoneware clay for durability and stone-matte glazes for a luxurious look and feel.

Our candles and perfumes are made in small batches from premium ingredients, and are free of palm, paraffin and phthalates. Each candle is hand-poured with a natural blend of coconut, soy and beeswax, and infused with essential oils, absolutes, resins and premium grade perfume oils. While it is often not disclosed, it is common practice to add palm wax or paraffin to coconut and soy wax candles as a stabilizer. We have chosen to add beeswax instead, to offer you a cleaner burning candle. Also, the addition of botanical ingredients achieves a more authentic scent profile. Our perfume line is based on a few of our candle scents, with a higher concentration of botanicals.

All Paulova products are handmade in Portland, Oregon.